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I first started trying to slowly get things figured out for myself  in  2012. just passively gathering information as it was presented to me. A few years later in 2015 I was actively starting conversations with anyone who was willing to talk about all the big questions and looking for all kinds of info and videos on conspiracy theories. Just trying to piece things together and figure things out for myself without anyone telling me how things are.

Then late 2016 I had found a man through YouTube, Jay Essex is the YouTube channel. Watching his videos and listening to all his information just made sense to me for some reason. During one of his videos he started talking about metaphysical abilities and ways to exercise them. So I gave it a shot, and it actually worked! 

I have continued to used and develop my abilities so that I can understand things on my own. Not with a book, any guru, or any religion but completely by myself. My goal now is to help others so they can get their own information for themselves. 



Hello, my name is Aya. I’m a yogi and an ascended master in all Vedic practices. I’ve spent 20 years in a monastery to master my abilities which allow me to see up to the 10th dimension. I live in a state of nirvana.

Just kidding! I’m an English Teacher in Madrid, Spain, doing my best to make a living so that I can pay for the roof over my head and the bills that come in every month. Fortunately in Madrid, we could live a little by meeting up with friends for coffee or wine and enjoying free cultural events throughout the city. I do my best to ‘relax’ in the morning before I take the little pups, Titan and Calypso, out for a walk in the park and to ‘relax’ in between classes and before I go conk out at night.

By ‘relax’, I mean to put myself in a relaxed state so that I can practice my metaphysical abilities. This is an ongoing process for me and I’ve been working on it for about 5 years. But I have realized that I don’t need to be an ascended master to see what they might see. All of us were born with the tools to see beyond what we physically see or feel, you included.



Hi, my name is Hitomi Nakasone.  I was born and raised in Okinawa Japan by my beautiful parents with lots of love and good examples. I loved going to beaches, and went there every Sunday with my family. I remember how much I loved my Mom’s Omusubi and Yasai Itame, especially Goyaa Champuruu.

I’ve always been fond of the energy emitted by Stone and Water for as long as I can remember.

I moved to the United States about 25 years ago, taking care of 4 children and myself. I absolutely love my role as a Mother and find happiness in simple things in life these days. Currently I’m raising Saisha who is 11 years old.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all. -Hitomi Aya Nakasone

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