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Free Energy Work

I just waned to give a huge thank you  to everyone that scheduled the free energy work with me. I had the amazing opportunity to get to know all you wonderful people and the the chance to learn more about my abilities. I hope the energy work preformed on you will encourage the same. Thank you again.

Thank you very much and have a great day!

My Personal Experience Waking Up


I first started trying to slowly get things figured out for myself  in  2012. just passively gathering information as it was presented to me. A few years later in 2015 I was actively starting conversations with anyone who was willing to talk about all the big questions and looking for all kinds of info and videos on conspiracy theories. Just trying to piece things together and figure things out for myself without anyone telling me how things are.

Then late 2016 I had found a man through YouTube, Jay Essex is the YouTube channel. Watching his videos and listening to all his information just made sense to me for some reason. During one of his videos he started talking about metaphysical abilities and ways to exercise them. So I gave it a shot, and it actually worked! 

I have continued to used and develop my abilities so that I can understand things on my own. Not with a book, any guru, or any religion but completely by myself. My goal now is to help others so they can get their own information for themselves. 

My Goal



My goal is to help people open their minds more and relax. I want to point people in the right directions to accurate information and all the tools they need to become more of themselves. In hopes that they try to develop abilities that everyone possess and can exercise to make your day to day lives better, more meaningful, and expand your understanding. So you can find YOUR truth.

Where You Can Go


For great people, information, and tools to help you on your journey you can check out these links. 

For stones, information, consults, and other tools to aid your awakening go to;

 (These people and places have not payed me nor do I make money off their advertisement. I have them on this site because they can help you.)

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